Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Commissioning and Operation
Specific Safety Requirements
Arabic Edition

Asasiyyat al-aman No. SSR-2/2

Subject Classification: 0603-Nuclear power plants

Arabic STI/PUB/1513; (ISBN:978-92-0-622510-3); 50 pp.; € 31.00; Date Published: 2011

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This publication is a revision of Safety Requirements No. NS-R-2, Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Operation, and has been extended to cover the commissioning stage. It describes the requirements to be met to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants. Over recent years there have been developments in areas such as long term operation, plant ageing, periodic safety review, probabilistic safety analysis and risk informed decision making processes. It became necessary to revise the IAEA’s safety requirements in these areas and to correct and/or improve the publication on the basis of feedback from its application by both the IAEA and its Member States. In addition, the requirements are governed by, and must apply, the safety objective and safety principles that are established in the Fundamental Safety Principles.

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