Radiation Protection Programmes for the Transport of Radioactive Material
Safety Guide
Spanish Edition

IAEA Safety Standards Series No. TS-G-1.3

Subject Classification: 0606-Transport of radioactive material

Spanish STI/PUB/1269; (ISBN:978-92-0-312310-5); 101 pp.; € 32.00; Date Published: 2011

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This Safety Guide provides guidance on meeting requirements for the establishment of radiation protection programmes (RPPs) for the transport of radioactive material. It is intended to optimize radiation protection to comply with the requirements for radiation protection that underlie the Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material. This Guide covers general aspects of meeting the requirements for radiation protection, but does not cover criticality safety or other possible hazardous properties of radioactive material. The annexes of this Guide include examples of RPPs, relevant excerpts from the Transport Regulations, examples of total dose per transport index handled, a checklist for road transport, specific segregation distances and emergency instructions for vehicle operators.

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