Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste
General Safety Requirements

IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GSR Part 5

Subject Classification: 0611-Radioactive waste management

English STI/PUB/1368; (ISBN:978-92-0-111508-9); 38 pp.; € 45.00; Date Published: 2009

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There are a large number of facilities and activities around the world in which radioactive material is produced, handled and stored. This Safety Requirements publication presents international consensus requirements for the management of radioactive waste prior to its disposal. It provides the safety imperatives on the basis of which facilities can be designed, operated and regulated. The publication is supported by a number of Safety Guides that provide up to date recommendations and guidance on best practices for management of particular types of radioactive waste, for storage of radioactive waste, for assuring safety by developing safety cases and supporting safety assessments, and for applying appropriate management systems.

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