Decommissioning of Research Reactors and Other Small Facilities by Making Optimal Use of Available Resources

Technical Reports Series No. 463

Subject Classification: 0800-Nuclear fuel cycle and waste management

English STI/DOC/010/463; (ISBN:978-92-0-110607-0); 74 pp.; 12 figures; € 38.00; Date Published: 2008

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Worldwide, there are large numbers of research reactors and many more small facilities that utilize radioactive materials. This publication provides guidance on the safe and efficient decommissioning of those facilities. Its specific objectives are to: provide practical and targeted guidance to assist in the planning and implementation of the decommissioning of small facilities where radioactive material has been used; guide the development of a decommissioning strategy making optimal use of available resources; encourage a timely, well planned approach to decommissioning and evaluate decommissioning experiences and refocus these towards a pragmatic, 'fit-for-purpose' approach meeting the needs of countries and institutions with limited local resources for small decommissioning projects.

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