Managing the First Nuclear Power Plant Project


Subject Classification: 0701-Nuclear power planning and economics

English IAEA-TECDOC-1555; (ISBN:978-92-0-105207-0); 108 pp.; € 15.00; Date Published: 2007

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Experience shows that the time between an initial policy decision by a State to consider nuclear power until the initiation of its first nuclear power plant is about 10–15 years. The proper management of the wide scope of project activities during this period represents a major challenge for the involved governmental, utility, regulatory, supplier and other support organizations. The main focus is to ensure that the project is implemented successfully from a commercial point of view while remaining in accordance with the appropriate engineering and quality requirements, safety standards and security guides. This publication provides an introductory overall description of the main project management activities and gives references to the related detailed guidance. The target audience are decision makers, advisers and senior managers in governmental organizations, utilities, industrial organizations and regulatory bodies in the countries desiring to launch their first nuclear power plant project.

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