IAEA Safety Glossary
Terminology Used in Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection
2007 Edition

Non-serial Publications

Subject Classification: 0600-Nuclear and Radiological Safety

English STI/PUB/1290; (ISBN:92-0-100707-8); 227 pp.; 0 figures; € 28.00; Date Published: 2007

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The IAEA Safety Glossary, 2007 Edition, is a revised and updated version of the original, published in 2000, and defines and explains technical terms used in the IAEA Safety Standards and other safety related IAEA publications, as well as providing information on their usage. The primary aim is to harmonize terminology and usage in the IAEA Safety Standards. The publication is a source of information for users of the IAEA Safety Standards and other safety related IAEA publications, and it also provides guidance for the drafters and reviewers of IAEA publications, including technical officers and consultants, and members of technical committees, advisory groups, working groups and bodies for the endorsement of safety standards. Further information on the ongoing Draft Revision of the Safety Glossary can be found here

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