Radiological Conditions at the Former French Nuclear Test Sites in Algeria: Preliminary Assessment and Recommendations

Radiological Assessment Reports Series 6

Subject Classification: 0609-Radiation protection

English STI/PUB/1215; (ISBN:92-0-113304-9); 60 pp.; 27 figures; € 30.00; Date Published: 2005

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There are various locations around the world that have been affected by radioactive residues. Some of these residues are the result of past peaceful activities, while others result from military activities, including residues from the testing of nuclear weapons. Stimulated by concern about the state of the environment, movement away from military nuclear activities and improved opportunities for international cooperation, attention in many countries has turned to assessing and, where necessary, remediating areas affected by radioactive residues. Representatives of the Algerian government requested the IAEA to carry out a study of the radiological situation at the former French nuclear test sites in Algeria. The findings of this assessment are summarized in this report.

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