Database of Prompt Gamma Rays from Slow Neutron Capture for Elemental Analysis

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Subject Classification: 0306-Nuclear data

English STI/PUB/1263; (ISBN:92-0-101306-X); 251 pp.; 14 figures; € 70.00; Date Published: 2007

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Neutron-capture prompt-gamma activation analysis (PGAA) is particularly valuable as a non-destructive nuclear method in the measurement of elements that do not form neutron capture products with delayed gamma ray emissions. Inaccurate and incomplete data have been a significant hindrance in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of complicated capture gamma spectra by means of PGAA. This database was produced to improve the quality and quantity of required data in order to make possible the reliable application of PGAA in fields such as materials science, geology, mining, archaeology, environment, food analysis and medicine. The database provides a variety of tables for all natural elements (from H to U) including the following data: isotopic composition, thermal radiative cross-section (total and partial), Westcott g-factors, energy of the gamma rays (prompt and delayed), decay mode, half-life and branching ratios. The CD-ROM included in this publication contains the database, the retrieval system and important electronic documents related to the project.

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