Personal Protective Equipment

Practical Radiation Technical Manual No. 5

Subject Classification: 0609-Radiation protection

English IAEA-PRTM-5; Date Published: 2004

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Occupationally exposed workers need to have a basic awareness and understanding of the risks posed by exposure to radiation and the measures for managing these risks. To assist persons who have a responsibility to provide the necessary education and training of these workers, the series of Practical Radiation Technical Manuals (PRTMs) was created. Personal protective equipment is used when it is not reasonably practicable to provide complete protection by other means. Adequate personal protection depends on the protective equipment being correctly selected, fitted and maintained. Appropriate training for the users and arrangements to monitor usage are also necessary to ensure the intended degree of protection. This manual explains the principal types of personal protective equipment, including protective clothing and respiratory protective equipment, and describes how to use this equipment within a safe system of work.

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