Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material, 1996 Edition (Revised)
Safety Requirements

IAEA Safety Standards Series No. TS-R-1 (ST-1, Rev.)

Subject Classification: 0606-Transport of radioactive material

English STI/PUB/1098; (ISBN:92-0-100500-8); 220 pp.; 7 figures; € 14.50; Date Published: 2000

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This publication, Safety Standards Series No. TS-R-1, is an updated version of Safety Standards Series No. ST-1, which was a revised version of Safety Series No. 6 superseding all previous edition. It also includes the revision of Safety Series No. 80, Schedules of Requirements for the Transport of Specified Types of Radioactive Material Consignments (As Amended in 1990). These Regulations, first published in 1961, establish standards of safety with the purpose of providing an acceptable level of control of the radiation, criticality and thermal hazards to persons, property and the environment that are associated with the transport of radioactive material. Through the worldwide adoption of these regulations for all modes of transport, a very high standard of safety in the transport of radioactive material has been achieved.

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