Handling and Processing of Radioactive Waste from Nuclear Applications

Technical Reports Series No. 402

Subject Classification: 0804-Waste management

English STI/DOC/010/402; (ISBN:92-0-100801-5); 143 pp.; 24 figures; € 35.50; Date Published: 2001

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This report provides detailed information on the handling, processing and storage techniques most widely used and recommended for waste from non-fuel-cycle activities, i.e. radioactive waste generated during the application of nuclear techniques and radioisotopes in industry, medicine, research and education. The report was designed to meet mainly the needs of developing countries by focusing on the most simple, affordable and reliable techniques and discussing their advantages and limitations. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Waste arisings; 3. Waste classification; 4. Components of a comprehensive waste management system; 5. Storage of unconditioned waste; 6. Treatment of aqueous waste; 7. Treatment of radioactive organic liquid; 8. Treatment of solid waste; 9. Immobilization materials and processes; 10. Conditioning of specific waste types; 11. Packaging; 12. Storage of conditioned waste; 13. Quality assurance; 14. Conclusions and recommendations.

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