Near Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste
Safety Requirements

IAEA Safety Standards Series No. WS-R-1


Subject Classification: 0611-Radioactive waste management

English STI/PUB/1073; (ISBN:92-0-101099-0); 29 pp.; 0 figures; € 12.50; Date Published: 1999

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This publication sets out the basic safety requirements related to the disposal of radioactive wastes in near surface repositories. As a Safety Requirements publication it is supported by a number of associated Safety Guides which provide guidance on the implementation of the requirements. Its principles are derived from the Safety Fundamentals publication, Safety Series No. 111-F, The Principles of Radioactive Waste Management. It includes requirements for the protection of human health, requirements for the assessment procedures needed to ensure that safety is achieved, and technical requirements for waste acceptance and for siting, design, construction, operation and closure of the repository as well as for the post-closure phase.

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