L' Assurance de la qualité pour la sûreté des centrales nucléaires et autres installations nucléaires: Code et guides de sûreté Q1-Q14

Collection sécurité No. 50-C/SG-Q

Subject Classification: 0603-Nuclear power plants

French STI/PUB/1016; (ISBN:92-0-201998-3); 385 pp.; 6 figures; € 75.50; Date Published: 1999

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The revised Safety Code and its corresponding Safety Guides replace Safety Series No. 50-C-QA (Rev. 1), Code on the Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Quality Assurance, and Safety Series Nos 50-SG-QA1 to 50-SG-QA11, and present new simplified basic requirements and implementation methods for quality assurance in a nuclear context. They provide recommendations to regulatory bodies in establishing regulatory requirements and in verifying their implementation, clearly formulate the responsibilities of the licensee in achieving improved quality and safety performance, and give guidance on methods for fulfilling the basic requirements in a manner consistent with worldwide industry standards. Contents: Glossary; Code; Safety Guides.

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