Radiological Conditions of the Western Kara Sea
Assessment of the radiological impact of the dumping of radioactive waste in the Arctic Seas

Radiological Assessment Reports Series 4

Subject Classification: 0609-Radiation protection

English STI/PUB/1068; (ISBN:92-0-104298-1); 124 pp.; 38 figures; € 32.00; Date Published: 1999

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This report presents the findings of the International Arctic Seas Assessment Project (IASAP), which was designed to address concerns over the potential health and environmental impacts of high level radioactive waste dumped in the shallow waters of the Arctic Seas. The following aspects were covered: (i) examination of the current radiological situation in Arctic waters due to the dumped wastes; (ii) evaluation of potential future releases from the dumped wastes; (iii) prediction of environmental transport of potential releases and assessment of the associated radiological impact on humans and biota; and (iv) examination of the feasibility, costs and benefits of possible remedial measures. Contents: Executive summary; 1. Introduction; 2. Radiological protection and decision making; 3. The Arctic environment; 4. The radioactive source term; 5. Environmental modelling for radiological impact assessment; 6. Possible remedial actions; 7. Analysis of the need for remedial actions; 8. Conclusions and recommendations.

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