The Radiological Accident in Tammiku

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Subject Classification: 0609-Radiation protection

English STI/PUB/1053; (ISBN:92-0-100698-5); 59 pp.; 7 figures; € 20.50; Date Published: 1998

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In October 1994 three members of the public entered the radioactive waste repository at Tammiku, Estonia, without authorization and removed a metal container enclosing a radiation source, which one of them placed in his pocket. This action resulted in the death of one person and injury to a number of others. The purpose of this report is to provide information so that similar accidents can be avoided in the future. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Radiation protection infrastructure in Estonia; 3. The accident; 4. Recovery of the source; 5. Subsequent actions; 6. Dosimetry; 7. Medical aspects; 8. Generic lessons learned; Annex I: Physical dosimetry; Annex II: Biological dosimetry; Annex III: Medical findings.

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