International Atomic Energy Agency
Personal Reflections
A Fortieth Anniversary Publication

Non-serial Publications

Subject Classification: 9999-All fields

English STI/PUB/1033; (ISBN:92-0-102497-5); 311 pp.; € 19.00; Date Published: 1997

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This set of personal recollections reflect a variety of views from twenty-five distinguished scientists and diplomats who have played major roles in shaping the policies of the IAEA or have made notable contributions to its work at different periods of its history. The IAEA's work is directly related to peace and security in the world through the verification of commitments by States to use nuclear materials and installations exclusively for peaceful purposes. This responsiblity is combined with a mandate to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear energy - in such fields as nuclear power, nuclear and radiation safety, and the applications of radiation and isotope techniques in agriculture, human health and hydrology. These 'essays' provide individual insights - often from a rarely available insider's perspective - into particular aspects of the development of an international organization and thus complement the History of the IAEA written by David Fischer.

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