Nuclear Techniques in the Exploration and Exploitation of Energy and Mineral Resources

Proceedings Series - International Atomic Energy Agency

Subject Classification: 0304-Nuclear analytical techniques

M STI/PUB/841; (ISBN:92-0-060091-3); € 120.50; Date Published: 1990

Proceedings of a symposium, Vienna, 5–8 June 1990. Over the past decades, many nuclear techniques have been developed and used on an industrial scale for the exploration and exploitation of energy and mineral resources, resulting in very great technical and economic benefits. The major nuclear techniques which are currently employed on a large scale include nucleonics control and on-stream analysis, nuclear well logging and tracer investigations. The advantages of nuclear techniques include rapidity, relative simplicity and, in some cases, the possibility of use in hostile environments where no other methods can be used. Furthermore, nuclear measurements and nucleonics control can be made by non-contact processes. The purpose of the symposium was to review the latest concepts and developments and to foster an exchange of information leading to technology transfer from developed to developing countries. Contents: Nucleonics control systems and on-stream analysers in the coal industry; On-line nuclear and nuclear related analytical techniques in the mineral industry; Nucleonics control systems and on-stream mineral analysers; Nuclear borehole logging applications; Nuclear borehole logging instrumentation, data processing and interpretation; Tracer techniques and radiometric methods in the mineral industry; Off-line nuclear activation analysis in the mineral industry; Summary of the panel discussion: Nuclear and nuclear related techniques in the mineral industry — trends and future perspectives.

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