Genetic Sexing of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly

Panel Proceedings Series - International Atomic Energy Agency 182

Subject Classification: 0202-Insect pest control

English STI/PUB/828; (ISBN:92-0-111190-8); € 43.50; Date Published: 1990

Proceedings of a final research co-ordination meeting, Colymbari, Crete, 3–7 September 1988, summarizing the research and development findings of the IAEA’s programme to develop a genetic sexing method for the medfly by which only sterile males would be released. Great progress has been made in medfly genetics, including the development of experimental genetic sexing strains. Contents: 1. Introduction; Part I: Genetics, cytogenetics and population genetics; Part II: Genetic sexing of Ceratitis capitata by morphological, biochemical and other means; Part III: Recommendations, Annex and List of Participants.

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