Uranium Deposits in Magmatic and Metamorphic Rocks
Proceedings of a Technical Committee Meeting Held in Salamanca, Spain, 29 September – 3 October 1986

Panel Proceedings Series - International Atomic Energy Agency 173

Subject Classification: 0401-Uranium geology, exploration and mining

English STI/PUB/767; (ISBN:92-0-141089-1); € 46.50; Date Published: 1989

Proceedings of a Technical Committee meeting, Salamanca, Spain, 29 September to 3 October 1986. Magmatic and metamorphic rocks continue to be important sources of uranium despite the fact that in recent years interest in them has been eclipsed by the discovery of larger, lower cost deposits in other geological environments. However, many developing countries have geological environments consisting of magmatic and metamorphic rocks favouring these types of uranium deposits. Individual deposits can be quite large and economically competitive and constitute worthwhile exploration targets. Contents: General characteristics and genesis of uranium deposits in magmatic and metamorphic rocks in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa; Panel discussions.

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