Quantification, Nature and Bioavailability of Bound 14c-pesticide Residues in Soil, Plants and Food
Gainesville, Florida, 25–29 March 1985

Panel Proceedings Series - International Atomic Energy Agency 163

Subject Classification: 0206-Agrochemicals

English STI/PUB/724; (ISBN:92-0-111186-X); € 36.50; Date Published: 1986

The publication contains the papers presented at a research co-ordination meeting held in Gainesville, Florida, 25–29 March 1985. The joint FAO/IAEA programme was designed to assist scientists of developing countries to make safe and effective use of nuclear techniques for studying pesticide interactions with various components of the agricultural ecosystems. The book also contains a report on the results of a collaborative study using a model protocol for the determination of bound residues in soil and appraisal of the overall programme accomplishments. Contents: Papers presented by the authors; FAO/IAEA model protocol for the determination of bound residues in soil; Final report on the common experiment; Appraisal of the co-ordinated research programme.

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