Uranium Extraction Technology

Technical Reports Series No. 359

Subject Classification: 0801-Uranium ore processing

English STI/DOC/010/359; (ISBN:92-0-103593-4); € 80.00; Date Published: 1993

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The purpose of this publication is to update and expand the first edition, which was published in 1983, and to report on later advances in uranium ore processing. It includes background information about the principles of the unit operations used in uranium ore processing and summarizes the current state of the art. Extensive references provide sources for specific technological details. Contents: Introduction; Part I. Uranium resources and mining technology; Chapter 1. Uranium resources; Chapter 2. Mining technology; Part II. Processing technology; Chapter 3. Processing concepts; Chapter 4. Ore preparation; Chapter 5. Leaching; Chapter 6. Solid–liquid separation; Chapter 7. Solution purification; Chapter 8. Product recovery; Chapter 9. By-products; Part III. Waste management and the environment; Chapter 10. Tailings management technology; Part IV. Flow sheet examples; Chapter 11. Olympic Dam; Chapter 12. Key Lake; Chapter 13. Rabbit Lake; Chapter 14. Lodève; Chapter 15. Rossing; Chapter 16. Cominak; Chapter 17. White Mesa; Chapter 18. Rosita (in situ leaching).

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