Containers for Packaging of Solid Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Wastes

Technical Reports Series No. 355

Subject Classification: 0608-Waste repositories

English STI/DOC/010/355; (ISBN:92-0-101993-9); € 19.00; Date Published: 1993

This report aims to review the main requirements for waste containers and to provide advice on the design, fabrication, qualification tests and handling of the different types of containers used in the management of low and intermediate level solid radioactive wastes. It contains the requirements that have to be met in the container design in order to comply with the waste package acceptance requirements established by the regulatory authorities for the handling, storage, transport and disposal of radioactive waste. It further highlights the importance of international standardization for waste container requirements, which would facilitate the use of common handling systems and allow operating experience and performance data to be readily interchangeable. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Role of the container in waste management; 3. Container design requirements; 4. Materials for containers; 5. Cost considerations; 6. Quality assurance and control; 7. Qualification tests; 8. Conclusions and recommendations; Appendix I: Examples of containers; Appendix II: Corrosion assessments of metallic containers; Appendix III: Specification of a test for thermal cycling resistance in France; Appendix IV: A qualification procedure for fibre reinforced concrete containers in France.

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