Financing Arrangements for Nuclear Power Projects in Developing Countries
A Reference Book

Technical Reports Series No. 353

Subject Classification: 0701-Nuclear power planning and economics

English STI/DOC/010/353; (ISBN:92-0-100993-3); 189 pp.; 17 figures; € 43.50; Date Published: 1993

This report outlines the general characteristics of financing a nuclear power project and presents innovative approaches for power generation financing. It discusses the special conditions and requirements of nuclear power projects and their financing complexities. The availability of adequate and secure financial resources is one of the most crucial constraints in the implementation of nuclear power projects in developing countries. Possible ways and means of dealing with these constraints are presented. Contents: Chapter 1. Introduction; Chapter 2. The status of nuclear power and special circumstances related to the financing of nuclear power projects; Chapter 3. Costs and economic feasibility of nuclear power plants; Chapter 4. Conventional approaches for financing power generation projects in developing countries; Chapter 5. Experience gained and lessons learned; Chapter 6. Alternative approaches for mobilizing financial resources; Chapter 7. Conclusions; References; Glossary; Annex I: Issues affecting the financing of nuclear power plants and the actions proposed for various actors; Annex II: Alternative Energy fund of Egypt; Annex III: Sector understanding on export credits for nuclear power plants; Annex IV: Aliaga thermal power project in Turkey; Annex V: BOT project development cycle.

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