Cleanup and Decommissioning of A Nuclear Reactor After A Severe Accident

Technical Reports Series No. 346

Subject Classification: 0804-Waste management

English STI/DOC/010/346; (ISBN:92-0-104492-5); € 17.50; Date Published: 1992

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The objective of this report is to provide an overview of factors relevant to the identification of cleanup requirements and to the choice of a decommissioning option for a severely damaged nuclear power plant. It proposes a methodology for the evaluation of various options and the selection of appropriate action in a particular accident situation. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Management after a severe reactor accident; 3. Factors relevant to cleanup and decommissioning after a severe accident; 4. Strategy for cleanup; 5. Strategy for decommissioning; 6. Methodology for selection of the preferred decommissioning option; 7. Conclusions and recommendations; Annex A: Review of four accidents.

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