Management of Abnormal Radioactive Wastes at Nuclear Power Plants

Technical Reports Series No. 307

Subject Classification: 0804-Waste management

English STI/DOC/010/307; (ISBN:92-0-125589-6); € 27.50; Date Published: 1989

This report discusses the management of abnormal wastes at nuclear facilities. It is intended to give guidance to nuclear power plant operators on the technical means available to enable abnormal wastes to be managed safely, and to provide assistance in the selection of appropriate technologies and processes that can be used for abnormal situations. In addition, subjects such as pre-planning and provisions for abnormal waste management, decision making on the management of abnormal wastes and adequate waste characterization are also discussed. Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Pre-planning; 3. Abnormal waste management decision making and planning; 4. Characterization of the wastes; 5. Decontamination; 6. Treatment of liquid wastes; 7. Treatment of gaseous wastes; 8. Treatment of solid wastes; 9. Conditioning of abnormal radioactive wastes; 10. Storage, transport and disposal; References; Annex I: Experience with abnormal wastes and their management in selected power plants; Annex II: Examples of decision making processes in the management of abnormal wastes.

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