Nuclear Power Project Management
A Guidebook

Technical Reports Series No. 279

Subject Classification: 0701-Nuclear power planning and economics

English STI/DOC/010/279; (ISBN:92-0-155088-X); 137 pp.; 18 figures; € 29.00; Date Published: 1988

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This guidebook provides specific advice and guidance to project management for the construction of nuclear power plants. While operating performance of nuclear power plants has been improving in recent years and has generally been comparable to or better than that of fossil fired plants in the same size ranges, performance during construction has been variable. Although additional licensing requirements, public intervention and funding problems have been blamed for most of the delays and cost increases, there is growing recognition that lack of proper project management has been a major factor. Contents: Introduction; Project management — preparatory phase; Project management — execution phase; Appendix I: Sample outline of project manual; Appendix II: Manpower for utility project management; Appendix III. Manpower for main contractor project management; Appendix IV. Computerized treatment of project schedules; Bibliography; Glossary.

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