Radiological Safety Aspects of the Operation of Electron Linear Accelerators

Technical Reports Series No. 188

Subject Classification: 0609-Radiation protection

English STI/DOC/010/188; (ISBN:92-0-125179-3); 319 pp.; € 49.50; Date Published: 1979

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Electron linear accelerators are being used throughout the world in increasing numbers in a variety of important applications. Foremost among these is their role in the treatment of cancer. Commercial uses include non-destructive testing by radiography, food preservation, product sterilization and radiation processing of materials such as plastics and adhesives. Scientific applications include investigations in radiation biology, radiation chemistry, nuclear and elementary particle physics and radiation research. This manual provides authoritative guidance in radiation protection for this important category of radiation sources. Contents: Introduction; Uses and characteristics of electron linear accelerators; Radiation at electron linear accelerator installations; Radiation shielding; Typical installations; Radiation monitoring and interpretation of measurements; Requirements for an effective safety programme; General bibliography; Appendices.

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