Establishing the Nuclear Security Infrastructure for a Nuclear Power Programme
Implementing Guide
French Edition

Collection Sécurité nucléaire de l’AIEA No. 19

Subject Classification: 1400-Physical protection of radioactive material

French STI/PUB/1591; (ISBN:978-92-0-206817-9); 89 pp.; 1 figure; € 29.00; Date Published: 2018

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This publication provides guidance on the actions to be taken by a State in implementing an effective nuclear security infrastructure for a nuclear power programme. The topics covered are: development of national policy and strategy; common nuclear security measures; infrastructure issues relating to nuclear and other radioactive material; associated facilities; and cooperation with other States. The guidance provided is intended primarily for use by national policy makers, national legislators, competent authorities, institutions and individuals involved in the establishment, implementation, maintenance or sustainability of the nuclear security infrastructure for a nuclear power programme.

IAEA Nuclear Security, Physical Protection of Radioactive Material, Nuclear Facilities, Security Measures, Radioactive Substances, Law and Legislation, Radioactive Material, Nuclear Power Programme, Radiation Protection, Nuclear and Radiological Safety, Security Materials, Nuclear Security Infrastructure, Implementation, National Policy

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