Proceedings of the International Conference on the Safe and Secure Transport of Radioactive Material: The Next Fifty Years


Subject Classification: 0606-Transport of radioactive material

English IAEA-TECDOC-CD-1792; (ISBN:978-92-0-154216-8); 168 pp.; € 18.00; Date Published: 2016

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This publication presents the proceedings of an international conference on safe and secure transport of radioactive material, held in Vienna, 2011. The conference provided an ideal opportunity to discuss and review, in an international context, issues related to the safe and secure transport of nuclear and radioactive materials, allowing best practices to be identified and shared. The conference participants were charged with developing recommendations to create a safe, secure and sustainable framework for the transport of radioactive material for the next 50 years.

Transport of Radioactive Material, Proceedings, Nuclear Material, Safety Measures, Reviews, Transport Security, Best Practices, Sustainability, Recommendations, Regulations, Shipping, Nuclear Industry, Countries, Implementation, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Nuclear Liability Laws, Harmonization, Nuclear Security, Routine, Crises, Sharing, Confidentiality

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