Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency
General Safety Requirements
Arabic Edition

Asasiyyat al-aman No. GSR Part 7

Subject Classification: 0610-Accident response

Arabic STI/PUB/1708; (ISBN:978-92-0-609816-5); 109 pp.; 2 figures; € 45.00; Date Published: 2016

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This publication, jointly sponsored by the FAO, IAEA, ICAO, ILO, IMO, INTERPOL, OECD/NEA, PAHO, CTBTO, UNEP, OCHA, WHO and WMO, is the new edition establishing the requirements for preparedness and response for a nuclear or radiological emergency which takes into account the latest experience and developments in the area. It supersedes the previous edition of the Safety Requirements for emergency preparedness and response, Safety Standards Series No. GS-R-2, which was published in 2002. This publication establishes the requirements for ensuring an adequate level of preparedness and response for a nuclear or radiological emergency, irrespective of its cause. These Safety Requirements are intended to be used by governments, emergency response organizations, other authorities at the local, regional and national levels, operating organizations and the regulatory body as well as by relevant international organizations at the international level.

IAEA Safety Standards, Accident Response, Preparedness and Response, Nuclear Accidents, Ionizing Radiation, Emergency Management, Governments, Regulatory Bodies, International Organizations

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