History, Development and Future of TRIGA Research Reactors

Technical Reports Series No. 482

Subject Classification: 0305-Research reactors and particle accelerators (applications)

English STI/DOC/010/482; (ISBN:978-92-0-102016-1); 113 pp.; 46 figures; € 45.00; Date Published: 2016

This publication summarizes the past and present of TRIGA research reactors, and addresses potential challenges in the near future. As the staff of TRIGA facilities retire, there is an urgent need to capture their knowledge. This publication covers the historical development and basic characteristics, utilization, fuel conversion and ageing management of TRIGA research reactors. The CD-ROM accompanying this publication includes 22 individual papers, describing operational TRIGA facilities worldwide, reporting on their status, key research results, issues and challenges they are facing as well as future plans.

Research Reactors and Particle Accelerators, Industrial Applications, TRIGA Reactors, Nuclear Reactors, Design and Construction, Swimming Pool Reactors, Fuel Design, Training, Isotopes, General Atomics, Fuel Conversion, Ageing Management, Development, Fuel Issues, Member States, Zirconium Hydride, Neutron Radiography, Radioisotopes Production, HEU-LEU, Lessons Learned, Control Systems, Spent Fuels, Future Challenges, Safety Features, Characteristics, Global TRIGA Research Reactor Network, Instrumentation, History

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