Safety Aspects of Nuclear Power Plants in Human Induced External Events: General Considerations

Safety Reports Series No. 86

Subject Classification: 0603-Nuclear power plants

English STI/PUB/1721; (ISBN:978-92-0-111015-2); 88 pp.; 3 figures; € 41.00; Date Published: 2017

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This publication gives the general roadmap on how to perform the design and evaluation of the protection of nuclear power plants against human induced external hazards, consistent with IAEA safety standards. The publication concentrates on an overall view of the methodology and on the important considerations for its application to existing and new nuclear power plants. Topics covered include elements of the design/evaluation approach, developed in five phases: event identification; load characterization; design and assessment approaches; plant performance assessment and acceptance criteria; and operator response. The publication provides an approach to the assessment of extreme human induced external events which is fully consistent with the methods used for evaluation of nuclear facilities subjected to extreme natural events, such as earthquakes and floods.

Nuclear Power Plants, Safety Measures, Design and Construction, Risk Assessment, Evaluation, Human Induced, External Events, Methodology, Event Identification, Load Characterization, Plant Performance, Acceptance Criteria, Operator Response, Nuclear Facilities, Natural Events, Earthquakes, Floods, Hazards, Defence in Depth, Components, Safety at Nuclear Installations, Material Behaviour, Plant Assessment, Success Path, Failure Path, Safe Operation

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