Ageing Management for Nuclear Power Plants: International Generic Ageing Lessons Learned (IGALL)

Safety Reports Series No. 82

Subject Classification: 0603-Nuclear power plants

English STI/PUB/1675; (ISBN:978-92-0-110214-0); 87 pp.; 0 figures; € 38.00; Date Published: 2015

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This publication provides a common internationally agreed basis on what constitutes an acceptable ageing management programme, as well as a knowledge base on ageing management for the design of new plants and design and safety reviews, and aims to serve as a roadmap to available information on ageing management. It addresses ageing management of passive and active structures and components for water moderated reactors that can have an impact, directly or indirectly, on the safe operation of the plant and that are susceptible to ageing degradation. The information provided is relevant for plants under normal operation, for plants considering long term operation, as well as for new plants including new designs. It underlines that ageing management should be implemented from the start of operation of nuclear power plants and that adequate provisions to facilitate effective ageing management should be made during the plant design, construction, commissioning, operation, and decommissioning.

Nuclear Power Plants, Safety Measures, Maintenance and Repair, Reliability, Design, Aging Management, IGALL, Knowledge Base, Water Moderated Reactors, Construction, Commissioning, Operation, Decommissioning

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