Nuclear Safety Infrastructure for a National Nuclear Power Programme Supported by the IAEA Fundamental Safety Principles
A Report by the International Nuclear Safety Group
Russian Edition

Seriya INSAG No. 22

Subject Classification: 0600-Nuclear and Radiological Safety

Russian STI/PUB/1350; (ISBN:978-92-0-406714-9); 36 pp.; € 20.00; Date Published: 2014

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This INSAG publication presents insights drawn from the IAEA Fundamental Safety Principles, which constitute the conceptual basis for the IAEA’s entire safety standards programme. The infrastructure issues discussed in this publication are supplemented by other IAEA guidance publications on the topic. The present publication is primarily intended for use by IAEA Member States considering the introduction of nuclear power for the first time. However, States with an active nuclear programme that are considering expansion may also find it useful in order to renew their knowledge of the early phases of the life of a nuclear power plant, and to correct any weaknesses in their nuclear safety infrastructure.

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