IAEA Annual Report 2015 for e-readers
The file is an e-book in .EPUB format. An e-book reader is needed to access it. Download

IAEA Annual Report 2015 (.EPUB)
This is the e-book version of the IAEA Annual Report 2015 in English for tablets and smart phones. It will give a better reading experience on your mobile device than the .pdf. In order to open the e-book, your device must have an appropriate e-reader*. Steps

1) Navigate to this page with your smart phone or tablet.

2) Check that your device has an e-reader application. Examples of e-readers are Google Play Books for Android devices and iBooks for Apple devices.

3) If you do not already have an e-reader, one can be downloaded from the relevant app store.

4) Click the download link to download the file.

5) If prompted, specify which e-reader you wish to use to open the book.

If you wish to open the file on your desktop computer, you may do so after downloading appropriate e-reader software, for example Calibre.

If you have comments or queries, please email us on sales.publications@iaea.org.

*Some Kindle devices do not open .EPUB files.