Disposal of Radioactive Waste
IAEA Safety Standards Series No.  SSR-5
This publication establishes requirements applicable to all types of radioactive waste disposal facilities. It is linked to the fundamental safety principles for each disposal option and establishes a set of strategic requirements that must be in place before facilities are developed. Consideration is also given to the safety of existing facilities developed prior to the establishment of present-day standards. The requirements will be complemented by Safety Guides that will provide guidance on good practice for meeting the requirements for different types of waste disposal facilities.
STI/PUB/1449, 62 pp.; 0 figures; 2011, ISBN 978-92-0-103010-8, English. 48.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 6/21/2011. Full Text, (File Size: 802 KB).
Subject Classification: 0611 - Radioactive waste management.

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