Status and Trends of Nuclear Fuels Technology for Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No.  NF-T-4.1
From the inception of nuclear energy, the important role of the sodium cooled fast reactor (SFR) and its fuel cycle has been recognized for long term sustainability of nuclear power. This publication covers the status and trends of SFR fuel technology, highlighting manufacturing processes, out of pile properties and irradiation behaviour of mixed uranium–plutonium oxide, monocarbide, mononitride and metallic U–Zr and U–Pu–Zr fuels. Minor actinide (Np, Am, Cm) bearing fuels are also covered in this publication. The information compiled in this book will be a valuable resource for materials scientists and engineers involved in fuel development for fast reactors, in general, and SFRs, in particular.
STI/PUB/1489, 113 pp.; 76 figures; 2011, ISBN 978-92-0-112510-1, English. 34.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 5/31/2011. Full Text, (File Size: 6436 KB).
Subject Classification: 0802 - Fuel fabrication and performance.
Responsible Officer: Mr Chaitanyamoy Ganguly, NEFW

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