Security in the Transport of Radioactive Material
IAEA Nuclear Security Series No.  9
This publication addresses the vulnerability of radioactive material during transport. Given the international concern over acts of nuclear terrorism, it is imperative to have a well defined plan for the security of sensitive materials during transport. This publication provides guidance on implementing, maintaining or enhancing a State’s nuclear security regime to protect radioactive material in transport against theft, sabotage or other malicious acts. It will be of use to regulators and to operating personnel engaged in the transport of such material.
STI/PUB/1348, 39 pp.; 1 figures; 2008, ISBN 978-92-0-107908-4, English. 20.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2008-10-18. Full Text, (File Size: 543 KB).
Subject Classification: 0606 - Transport of radioactive material; 1400 - Physical protection of radioactive material.

This publication is also available in  Chinese,  French,  Spanish.

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