Fast Reactor Database
2006 Update
IAEA TECDOC Series No.  1531
The fast reactor database (FRDB) summarized in this report is highly detailed, with data on each liquid metal cooled fast reactor power plant including: operational parameters; physical, hydraulic and thermomechanical characteristics; technological requirements and methods; and criteria to ensure safe operation. It also covers design data such as dimensions, materials information and main design features and performance parameters of reactor cores, components and various systems, along with sketches and drawings. The database setup makes it possible not only to easily find the required parameter of a certain reactor, but also to compare it with that of the other reactors. It is hoped that this reference book will allow effective design approaches for fast reactor systems and components to be reproduced and the repetition of unsuccessful design approaches to be avoided.
IAEA-TECDOC-1531, 2006, ISBN 92-0-114206-4, English. 15.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2007-02-20. Full Text, (File Size: 38894 KB).
Subject Classification: 0703 - Reactor technology.

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