Dangerous Quantities of Radioactive Material (D-Values)
Emergency Preparedness and Response 
A D value is the quantity of radioactive material which is considered a dangerous source. A dangerous source is one that, if uncontrolled, could result in death or a permanent injury which decreases that personís quality of life. Various IAEA documents concerning emergency preparedness and safety and security of radioactive sources list D values for a limited set of radionuclides. This document describes, in detail, the basis for the D-values given in various Agency documents and provides D-values for over 400 radionuclides that may be relevant in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency.
EPR-D-VALUES 2006, 2006, English. Date of Issue: 2006-09-27. Full Text, (File Size: 3149 KB).
Subject Classification: 0306 - Nuclear data; 1400 - Physical protection of radioactive material.

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