Nuclear Power Reactors in the World
Reference Data Series No.  2
This is the twenty-sixth edition of Reference Data Series No. 2, which presents the most recent reactor data available to the IAEA. It contains summarized information as of the end of 2005 on: (1) power reactors operating or under construction, and shut down; and (2) performance data on reactors operating in the IAEA Member States, as reported to the IAEA. The information is collected by the IAEA through designated national correspondents in the Member States. The replies are used to maintain the IAEA’s Power Reactor Information System (PRIS).
IAEA-RDS-2/26, 81 pp.; 6 figures; 2006, ISBN 92-0-106906-5, English. 12.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2006-07-10. Full Text, (File Size: 1575 KB).
Subject Classification: 0700 - Nuclear power.
Responsible Officer: Mr Jiri Mandula, NENP

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