Safe Transport of Radioactive Material
Training Course Series No.  1
The IAEA has been publishing Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material since 1961. Meeting its statutory obligation to foster the exchange and training of scientists and experts in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy, the IAEA has developed a standardized approach to transport safety training. This training manual is an anchor of the standardized approach to training. It is a compendium of training modules for courses related to the different aspects of safety of transport of radioactive material. Keeping in view the specific needs of the potential users, the manual includes material that can be used for a variety of training programmes of duration ranging from half-a-day to ten days, for specific audiences such as competent authority personnel, public authorities, emergency response personnel and cargo handlers.
IAEA-TCS-01/04, 2006, English. Date of Issue: 2006-10-20. Full Text, (File Size: 5733 KB).
Subject Classification: 0606 - Transport of radioactive material.

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