Innovative Waste Treatment and Conditioning Technologies at Nuclear Power Plants
IAEA TECDOC Series No.  1504
IAEA Member States and individual nuclear power plants (NPPs) must carry out radioactive waste processing (treatment and conditioning) in an efficient and cost effective manner. Determination of which of the many available technologies and strategies are best suited to meet national or local needs is often a complex assessment. The aim of this publication is to inform decision makers by presenting information on innovative technologies for processing wastes generated by NPPs. The report identifies the key benefits which may derive from the adoption of those technologies, the different waste streams to which each technology is relevant, and the limitations of the technologies.
IAEA-TECDOC-1504, 2006, ISBN 92-0-107706-8, English. 15.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2006-08-18. Full Text, (File Size: 710 KB).
Subject Classification: 0804 - Waste management.

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