Generic Procedures for Medical Response During a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency
Emergency Preparedness and Response 
The aim of this manual is to provide the medical community with practical guidance for medical emergency preparedness and response, describing the tasks and actions of different members of the national, regional or local medical infrastructure in accordance with international standards. This document provides generic response procedures for medical personnel responding to different types of radiation emergencies and at the different stages of the emergency response (at the scene of the emergency, pre-hospital, hospital), and during the early post-emergency stage (about 1-2 months afterwards).
EPR-MEDICAL (2005), 2005, English. Date of Issue: 2005-07-05 10:24:22. Full Text, (File Size: 2224 KB).
Subject Classification: 0100 - Life Sciences; 0610 - Accident response.
Responsible Officer: Ms Elena Buglova, NS

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