Disposal Options for Disused Radioactive Sources
Technical Reports Series No.  436
This report presents a review of relevant information on the various technical factors and issues, as well as approaches and relevant technologies, leading to the identification of potential disposal options for disused radioactive sources. The report attempts to provide a logical 'road map' for the disposal of disused radioactive sources, taking into consideration the high degree of variability in the radiological properties of such types of radioactive waste. The use of borehole or shaft type repositories is highlighted as a potential disposal option, particularly for those countries that have limited resources and are looking for a simple, safe and cost effective solution for the disposal of their radioactive source inventories. The information provided in the report could be adapted or adopted to identify and develop specific disposal options suitable for the type and inventory of radioactive sources kept in storage in a given Member State.
STI/DOC/010/436, 51 pp.; 14 figures; 2005, ISBN 92-0-100305-6, English. 27.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2005-09-01. Full Text, (File Size: 995 KB).
Subject Classification: 0605 - Radiation sources and accelerators; 0804 - Waste management.
Responsible Officer: Mr Jan-Marie Potier, TCEU

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