Economic Performance Indicators for Nuclear Power Plants
Technical Reports Series No.  437
This report has been prepared for the benefit of nuclear power plant (NPP) managers and operators. Its primary purpose is to identify and define a number of economic performance measures for use at NPPs operating in deregulated, competitive electricity markets. In addressing the value of economic measures, the report presents and discusses a general definition and classifications of nuclear economic indicators within the context of regulation, competition and the economic requirements for constructing, operating and decommissioning nuclear plants.
STI/DOC/010/437, 158 pp.; 29 figures; 2006, ISBN 92-0-100905-4, English. 40.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2006-04-27. Full Text, (File Size: 2520 KB).
Subject Classification: 0603 - Nuclear power plants; 0701 - Nuclear power planning and economics.

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