Country Nuclear Power Profiles
This publication's main objectives are to consolidate information about the nuclear power infrastructure in participating countries and to present factors related to effective planning, decision making and implementation of nuclear power programmes that together lead to safe and economic operations. This is the fifth edition of the Country Nuclear Power Profiles, issued on CD-ROM and in hard copy, which updates the country by country information, in general, to the end of 2002. It reviews the organizational and industrial aspects of nuclear power programmes in the 36 countries which participated, and provides information about the relevant legislative, regulatory and international framework in each country. It compiles the current issues in the new environment of the electricity and the nuclear sector, i.e. energy policy, privatization and deregulation of these sectors, role of government, nuclear energy and climate change, and safety and waste management, which differ from country to country.
IAEA-CNPP/2003/P, 2004, ISBN 92-0-106904-9, English. 95.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2004-06-10. Full Text, (File Size: 7 KB).
Subject Classification: 0700 - Nuclear power.

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