Nuclear Medicine Resources Manual
This manual provides comprehensive guidance at an international level in many aspects of nuclear medicine practice, including education, training, facilities and equipment, quality assurance and control systems, and radiopharmacy and clinical practice. The manual has been written with routine clinical practice in mind and therefore provides advice on many practical points that should help both new and also more developed nuclear medicine centres. The new centres will find specific information essential for setting up the provision of the service, and the more developed centres will find numerous updated protocols and suggestions on improving operational performance. The manual will be of interest to nuclear medicine physicians, radiologists, medical educationalists, diagnostic centre managers, medical physicists, medical technologists, radiopharmacists, specialist nurses, clinical scientists, laboratory scientists, and those engaged in high quality systems in public health.
STI/PUB/1198, 532 pp.; 55 figures; 2006, ISBN 92-0-107504-9, English. 65.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2006-02-27. Full Text, (File Size: 4116 KB).
Subject Classification: 0101 - Nuclear medicine (including radiopharmaceuticals).

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