Storage of Spent Fuel from Power Reactors
C&S Papers CD Series No.  20
This CD-ROM publication reports on the International Conference on Storage of Spent Fuel from Power Reactors, which gave an opportunity for exchange of information on the state of the art and prospects of spent fuel storage, for discussion of the worldwide situation and the major factors influencing the national policies in this field, and for the identification of the most important directions that national efforts and international co-operation in this area should take.
IAEA-CSP-20/CD, 2003, ISBN 92-0-109803-0, English, CD-ROM. 15.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 2003-11-17. Full Text, (File Size: 157 KB).
Subject Classification: 0602 - Fuel fabrication and storage; 0800 - Nuclear fuel cycle and waste management; 0803 - Spent fuel management.

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