Atomic and Plasma–Material Interaction Data for Fusion
Atomic and Plasma–Material Interaction Data for Fusion  11
This publication, arising from a Co-ordinated Research Project on Radiative Cooling Rates of Fusion plasma impurities provides information on radiative processes taking place in different regions of fusion plasmas. This information is an important ingredient in many modelling and diagnostic studies of fusion plasmas.
Contents: 1. Comparison calculations of radiated power loss for silicon and iron; 2. Calculated radiated power loss for neon, silicon, argon, titanium and iron; 3. Effective rates for calculation of steady state and time dependent plasmas.
STI/PUB/023/APID/11, 65 pp.; 58 figures; 2003, ISBN 92-0-101205-5, English. 30.00 Euro. Date of Issue: 4/11/2003. Full Text, (File Size: 1820 KB).
Subject Classification: 0301 - Physics; 0306 - Nuclear data; 0900 - Plasma physics and nuclear fusion.

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